Topic Name : Super Fun Trivia Quiz-7

 1. In the Simpsons television series what city do the family live in?



 Langley Falls

 Gravity Falls

 2. Which planet is called both the morning and evening star?





 3. What number of points comes after 15 in a game of tennis?





 3. What is a nautical mile per hour usually called?





 4. What does an elephant flap to cool itself?





 5. What colours are the stars on the national flag of China?





 6. X is the Roman numeral for which number?





 7. What did Peter Pan lose at the beginning of the story?

 His voice

 His hat

 His shadow

 His sword

 8. In the solar system which planet spins on its sides as it orbits the sun?





 9. What is the highest number used in a classic Sudoku puzzle?





 10. Which parts of the human body have roots and crowns?





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