Topic Name : Quiz 7

 1. Of which country are phosphates its most important resource?



 Saudi Arabia


 2. Near which large lake in the mountains of Siberia is Irkutsk, "Paris of Siberia"?

 Aral Sea

 Lake Balkash

 Lake Zaysan

 Lake Baikal

 3. Which is the capital of Tibet?






 4. The Isthmus of Kra is a narrow neck of land in which one country ends and another extends. What are the two countries?

 Malaysia and Thailand

 Myanmar and Thailand

 Myanmar and Malaysia

 Malaysia and Singapore

 5. Which country is the largest producer of wolfram (tungsten ore) in the world?




 North Korea

 6. Of which country is Ulan Bator the capital?



 North Korea


 7. Where exactly is Manchuria?

 North-western China

 Eastern Mongolia

 North-eastern corner of China

 Southern Siberia

 8. Which independent island country does China claim as one of its provinces?

 Hong Kong


 The Phillippines


 9. Which countries border the Sea of Galilee?

 Lebanon, Syria, and Israel

 Lebanon, Jordan, and Israel

 Israel, Jordan, and Egypt

 Israel, Jordan, and Syria (before Israeli occupation of its territory here)

 10. What is Indonesian Borneo called?




 Irian Jaya

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