Topic Name : Challenge 1 - Put the Subject parts in the right order.

 1. _________________________ came yesterday. (old, his, friend)

 Old his friend

 Old friend his

 His friend old

 His old friend

 2. ___________________ is tired of all this work. (as well/he/as/you)

 As well he as you

 He as well as you

 You as well as he

 He as you as well

 3. ______________________ must have opened the door. (friend/his/either/he/or).

 Either he or his friend

 His either friend or he

 He or his friend either

 Or he either his friend

 4. _____________________ could pass the examination. (he/brother/his/neither/nor)

 He neither nor his brother

 Nor his brother neither he

 Neither he nor his brother

 He nor his brother neither

 5. _________________ in my village. (a/man/rich/lived/there)

 A rich man lived there

 A man rich there lived

 Lived there a rich man

 There lived a rich man

 6. __________________ are good boys. (his/friends/all)

 His all friends

 All his friends

 Friends all his

 His friends all

 7. ________________ is very intelligent. (his/one/children/of)

 His children of one

 One children of his

 Children of his one

 One of his children

 8. _______________ every morning. (hear/we/singing/her)

 We hear her singing

 We singing her hear

 Her singing we hear

 Singing her we hear

 9. _________________ saw her in the hospital any more. (ever/one/no)

 Ever no one

 One no ever

 No one ever

 No ever one

 10. _________________ decided to give it up. (so/an hour//or/after/he)

 So an hour or after he

 He or an hour after so

 After an hour or so he

 After he an hour or so

11. Which is Lotus Flower





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