Topic Name : Quiz 4

 1. In which state is Bastar?

 Madhya Pradesh




 2. Where is the last home of the Asian Lion?

 Gir Forest

 Valavadar National Park

 Bandhavgarh National Park

 Tadoba National Park

 3. Which two major east-flowing rivers have their beginnings in the Western Ghats?

 Narmada and Tapi

 Tapi and Krishna

 Narmada and Godavari

 Godavari and Krishna

 4. What do Mhow, Neemuch, and Jabalpur have in common?

 Industrial towns

 All are in Maharashtra

 Cantonment towns

 All are on the Narmada

 5. Which are the two major pilgrim centres on the Kathiawar coast?

 Dwarka and Somnath

 Porbandar and Veraval

 Dwarka and Porbandar

 Veraval and Somnath

 6. Where exactly is the ancient town of Bagh?

 Near Gwalior

 Near Indore

 Near Bhopal

 Near Ujjain

 7. Which is the correct geographical names given to "Land's End" in Mumbai?




 Colaba Point

 8. Which area is famous for its white tigers?





 9. Where was the first British settlement established on the west coast of India?





 10. Where exactly is Baghelkhand?

 North-eastern Madhya Pradesh

 Southern Madhya Pradesh

 Northern Madhya Pradesh

 Western Madhya Pradesh

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