Topic Name : Quiz 7

 1. Which is the easternmost of the Caribbean islands?





 2. Which town in USA is closest to Havana?





 3. Which is the capital of St Lucia?



 St George's


 4. Several islands are part of British Columbia. Which is the biggest of them?





 5. What do Madison and Lincoln have in common?

 Both are rivers in USA

 Both are state capitals in USA

 Both are on the Great Lakes

 Both are towns in Ontario

 6. How is the Atlantic Ocean reached from the Great Lakes?





 7. What exactly is New England?

 The eastern provinces of Canada

 Six north-eastern states of the USA

 The 13 states that became the USA

 Another name for British Columbia

 8. What is the southernmost North American country if the Americans are considered as being geographically divided only into North and South America?

 Costa Rica

 El Salvador



 9. On what river is the American capital?

 The Hudson

 The Potomac

 The Susquehanna

 The Delaware

 10. Where is the Mosquito Coast?




 Costa Rica

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