Topic Name : General Geography - Quiz 9

 1. What happens when ships cross the International Date Line?


 They have to pay a tax.

 Ships going west from the USA lose a day, ships going east from Japan and Australia gain a day.

 They have to report to the customs post.

 They have to check their clocks against Greenwich Mean Time.

 2. What is the smallest planet?





 3. What is the specific feature of the Mercator Projection?


 It distorts the shape of India.

 It flattens the world.

 It makes Australia rectangular.

 It exaggerates Greenland almost 25 times.

 4. How many satellites does the largest planet, Jupiter, have?





 5. What is the distance around the Earth at the Equator?

 21,000 km

 16,800 km

 18,600 km

 12,500 km

 6. Four of the five most populous countries are also among the five largest countries in the world by area. Which is the fifth largest by area?





 7. From which language is the word "Monsoon" derived?





 8. Who or what are Molleweide, Bonne, and Gall?

 All are explorers.

 All are map projections.

 All are geologists.

 All are editors of atlases.

 9. What are the Doldrums?


 The Trade Winds

 Areas of great humidity

 A low-pressure belt round the Equator where there are very light winds and calm seas

 Areas where the seas are calm

 10. What is an oasis and where would you find it?

 A small area of green and water in a desert

 A rich farmland in Asia

 A desert island in the Pacific

 A waterhole in the jungle

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