Topic Name : General Geography - Quiz 7

 1. What is loess?



 A kind of alluvial soil

 The fine sand found in the desert

 The sand the Mediterranean winds blow up

 A fine dust that covers the land in interior China

 2. What is sometimes referred to as the World Ocean?

 All the oceans of the world when considered as one ocean because they are interconnected

 The Pacific Ocean

 The Atlantic Ocean

 The ocean south of the African mainland

 3. What are the Selvas?


 The forests in the Tropics

 Hot, wet equatorial evergreen forests

 The jungles of India

 The woods in the Iberian peninsula

 4. What are the Roaring Forties?


 A typhoon in the China Sea

 A hurricane in the Carribbean

 A kind of tornado

 Strong winds that blow between 40 and 50 degrees South, in a direction opposite to the winds

 5. What happens in land that is in the rain shadow?


 It gets no rain, because the rains are cut off by high mountains at one edge of the land.

 It gets very heavy rain during most of the year.

 The skies above are always cloudy.

 The winds blow much less in these parts.

 6. What is the Continental Shelf?


 A plateau in the center of a continent

 The land that gently slopes and extends below sea level from the coasts of the continents before sharply sloping to form the seafloor in the deeps

 Mountain ranges that edge a continent

 The raised land on a continent's edge

 7. What is the more common name for the winds that are sometimes called the Anti-Trades?




 North Winds

 East Winds


 8. What is a Cash Crop?


 A rich harvest

 A crop that is not a food crop; it is grown for sale to manufacturers who convert it into products

 Crops grown in plantations

 A crop which earns a lot of money

 9. What have the Sirocco, Fohn, and Mistral in common?

 All are Mediterranean towns.

 All are European mountain ranges.

 All are Mediterranean currents.

 All are strong winds, the effect of local conditions.

 10. Which part of the world is regularly visited by tornadoes?



 South-East USA

 The Carribbean

 Central America

 The desert states of the USA

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